The India and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Business Forum is an apolitical established in October 2012 by Primedia International and its partners. Our mission is to facilitate quality business discussions among professionals from India to GCC. Through this platform, we enable professionals to interact on a regular basis and exchange ideas about related issues. The IGBForum encourages meaningful discussions and business interactions among its members in order to promote their contribution to the society and economy.

The IGB Forum


IGB Forum offers the following sections:


  • Business news: in association with Business Standard and Gulfnews, the latest business news from India and from the GCC are available at all time to the users
  • Business discussions: this section enables the members to create discussion and comment about Investment opportunities, Jobs offers, Business tips, and every other topic that can be useful to develop businesses in the two regions
  • Find business partners: IGBF gives a direct access to The Gulf Directory website, www.gulfind.com and Infomedia Yellow Pages. Through those two directories, users can find businesses information from all over India and the GCC
  • Find a job: in partnership with Bayt, this section delivers two sources of jobs available in the GCC and in India. The jobs available in the GCC through Bayt.com, and the job offers and requests posted by members in the job discussion section
  • Connect with people: members of the forum can share their individual profiles as well as their detailed Linkedin profiles. Interactions with people interested in trade between India and the GCC will then be facilitated through the private message option
  • Get business info: chambers of commerce details, events, procedures, embassy contact information, etc. This section assembles all the useful information needed to facilitate business development
  • Travel offers: Dadabhai travel, one of the leading travel agent in the Gulf operates this section to offer IGBF users the best available deals for travelling between the 2 regions. All the useful travel information is also available


The Membership


To benefit fully from the IGBF interactive features, users can become members in less than 2 minutes. They will then have access to the following:


  • Contacts Manager : the contact manager enables the members to save the contact details of all the other members they are interested in entering in contact with
  • Messages: once members, the IGB users can be contacted by all business individuals interested in their company or their individual profile. For privacy, the contact details of the members are not shared publicly and a messaging system is available instead
  • Profile sharing: each member can share its IGBF profile as well as its detailed Linkedin profile. The member will then become visible to the others and will enable contacts to be made
  • Business discussions: only members have access to the business discussions creations as well as writing comments on existing ones. Members will also be able to post Job discussions for free in the Job section